The Goodness of God – Dr. Edward L. Haygood

Has anyone ever asked you, “How good is God?” What would you say, if someone asked you that question today? Well, by the time you’ve finished this study, you’ll have enough fresh insight into the goodness of God to be able to discuss the topic for hour!
I believe you will discover, as I did, the depth of God’s goodness, as well as its broad application within our daily lives.
What did I discover as I conducted my research into God’s goodness? I learned that He is:
  • Essentially Good
  • Infinitely Good
  • The Essence of Goodness
  • Perfectly Good
  • Immutably Good
  • Ineffably Good
  • Indescribably Good
  • Inarticulately Good
  • Solely Good
He’s so good that it takes eleven Hebrew words and four Greek words in the Bible to describe how good He is. Then it takes many, many English words to even begin to help us grasp the glorious, transforming truth that GOD IS GOD!
Dr. Haywood’s uplifting work will help you “taste and see that the Lord is good” – and understand why this knowledge is essential to your personal well being and spiritual development.